Blue Schools and Ocean Literacy

The second episode discusses the concept of Blue Schools and activities carried out along the Atlantic in the scope of Ocean Literacy, featuring best practices, visions, and expected impact on the short and medium-term, together with Ronaldo Christofoletti, Associate Professor, Institute of Marine Sciences, Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP), Brazil, Raquel Lorenz Pena Costa, Portuguese Blue School Program coordinator, Portuguese Ministry of the Sea, Caitlin Ransom, member of the Science Engagement team at the South African Environmental Observation Network, Nozi Hambaze, Science and Engagement Officer, South African Environmental Observation Network, and Thando Mazomba, All-Atlantic Ocean Youth Ambassador representing South Africa. 

Episode #2

John Bell

European Commission

Maria Zaira Turchi


Yonah Seleti

DST-South Africa

Atlantic ECOsystems assessment
Atlantic ECOsystems assessment forecasting & sustainability
CNPQ - Brazil
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Episode #8 - Atlantic ECOsystems assessment
European Union
forecasting & sustainability
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